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Tired of junk food-only vending machines at work or at the Gym?  Want some healthy, natural & low-caloric options for your busy days & nights?  Finally . . . a Healthy Vending Options  is here!

                     N' Joy Healthy Vending is the right choice — for Companies, Employees,  Customers as well as Gyms. 

Unlike many costly wellness initiatives,
N' Joy Healthy Vending program is free to employers and adds no additional costs to existing wellness budgets. You can give your employees  & customers, convenient  access to healthy foods whenever they want.  By so doing, you'll improve employee health and productivity almost overnight without investing in an expensive health & wellness program!

N' Joy Healthy Vending machines come equipped with a digital LCD screens that display nutritional and product information. It encourages workers to see the health benefits of  snacks  before consuming  them  &   may   even  encourage them to read food labels. You will enhance the image of your Office, Plant or Gym with a clean, modern N' Joy Healthy Vending machine without any extra work, cost or effort on your part.  See more on our machines.

N' Joy Healthy Vending will work with your administration, employee groups and nutrition team to kick-off a wellness  campaign centered around the launch  of a new state of the art machine

                              Many benefits will follow when you join  with N' Joy Healthy Vending:

               1)   Your employees become healthier, happier & better performing & your Company or Gym save $$$ through                         increased productivity & reduced insurance premiums    
2)   Improve the performance, morale and wellness of employees & customers.
                 3)  Reduce the ever increasing cost of providing health care to your employees.
                 4)   Provide convenience as a major factor in individuals diets.  
5)   Attract and retain highly skilled employees who appreciate your commitment to their improved health & well-being.
Enhance your company's Image with state of the art & Attractive Innovative Machines that will save 35-50% on                                   energy cost over current outdated  vending machines.

With N' Joy Healthy Vending you will offer  employees & customers products that meet the nutritional criteria based on the recommendations of: The American Heart Association, The USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans &  The Alliance for a Healthier Generation. See more on Food & drinks

Government and Insurance health initiatives and wellness policies are driving businesses, schools and organizations to look for healthy alternatives via vending. Traditional vending companies just cannot compete. N' Joy Healthy Vending  will customize your product mix with input from your organization.
Our machine will display the nutritional information for each food selection to empower clients & employees alike to make a healthy food decision. See more on our machines

Interested in becoming a location for one of our
N’Joy Healthy Vending machines? 
Fill out this form and see if you qualify. Join the crusade to start turning the tide in favor of healthy food options.  From Schools & Universities to Businesses, we are dedicated to making a difference.