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N'Joy Healthy Vending  machines are stocked with the kind of nutritious, high-end snacks and beverages you would find on the shelves of premium grocery stores. Each item has been carefully selected to meet the following standards:
          1) All-natural ingredients   
          2) More whole-grain selections 
          3) No trans-fats
          4) No preservatives or artificial ingredients, flavors or sweeteners

Our tasty & healthy products  meet the nutritional criteria based on the recommendations of
the American Heart Association, the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans & the Alliance

or a Healthier Generation.

N' Joy Healthy Vending
will tailor your product mix  based on on your particular population.
The feed-back we receive from your Company, your School or Gym, will guide the selection of  foods offered & our machine will  vend only these natural products that may include an assortment of tasty organic, vegan, gluten-free and or kosher snacks, foods & drinks.

In general, our healthy products have 60% less fat and 50% less sugar. With an average of      5 times more protein than traditional vending machine options, we promise to provide healthy alternatives that will never contain high fructose corn syrup, trans-fats, or any artificial flavors. Organic foods are also available and our snacks & drinks are a major step in the right direction for a healthier lifestyle.

No more guessing, vending customers will know, prior to purchase, the nutritional content of the product selected by simply using the machine's interactive LCD screen.

We subscribe to the Fit Pick
TM nutritional criteria that support a healthy


Interested in becoming a location for one of our N’ Joy Healthy Vending machines? 
Fill out this form and see if you qualify. Join the crusade to start turning the tide in favor of healthy food options.  From Schools & Universities to Businesses, we are dedicated to making a difference.