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  Let's admit it, in Louisiana we love to eat & it shows!.. At 34.7 %, Louisiana has the highest obesity rate in the nation with more than 1.2 million obese adults. By 2030, if nothing changes, it will be a whopping 62.1 % (


In 2012 TFAH stated in a report: "The number of obese adults, along with related disease rates and health care costs, is on course to increase dramatically in Louisiana over the next 20 years.... By 2030, obesity-related health care costs in Louisiana could climb by 12.8 percent, which could be the 39th highest increase in the country.  (TFAH)

Trend forecasts suggest that by 2030, 51% of the U.S. population will be obese. The model estimates a much lower obesity prevalence of 42% and severe obesity prevalence of 11%. If obesity were to remain at 2010 levels, the combined savings in medical expenditures over the next 2 decades would be $549.5 billion (CDC)

These Stats are the motivating force behind N'Joy Healthy Vending

It is past time to Join the crusade to ensure everyone in our community, has access to nutritious healthy snacks, drinks & natural food as well as  nutritional information to make healthy vending decisions.
We’ll work with   Schools or Universities as well as  Businesses & Health Clubs to develop a comprehensive approach to improve  food access that combines food nutritional information and greater availability of healthy vending  food. 

Interested in becoming a location for one of our N’ Joy Healthy Vending machines? 
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and see if you qualify. Join the crusade to start turning the tide in favor of healthy food options.  From Schools & Universities to Businesses, we are dedicated to making a difference.