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Say good-bye to the ugly black boxes of yesterday  that, more often than not, kept your money & your food too!.... Say “Hello!” to the warm, inviting and exciting machines of the 21st century.   

N'Joy Healthy Vending machines  utilize emerging technologies that enhance the end users'  experience. Consumer interfaces facilitate easy, seamless transactions. Wireless monitoring systems help us boost efficiency with 24/7 communication and report diagnostics. The software we use  enable our machines to run smoother, respond faster, and create an entirely new vending experience. We have the ability to program machine with employee discounts (e.g. to reward employees working on weekends)


N'Joy Healthy Vending machines are  twice as energy efficient as machines made just 5 years ago. Energy-saving mode is used  so no power is wasted keeping drinks cold overnight when employees are not working.

we see vending as complimenting your location's esthetic and décor. We want our machines to enrich your environment and provide a practical service at the same time.

Interactive LCD screen lets customers review nutritional & caloric information of  product before they purchase.


The most annoying problem in vending will never happen with N'Joy Healthy Vending machines. Say goodbye to product jams, our machines are equipped with the latest sensing technology -
SureVend  or  iVend™ - If a selection doesn't drop,  infrared sensors  detect the failure and try vending again . And if, for some reason, the product still won't drop, consumers have the choice to select another item or  receive their money back. With this technology, you'll  avoid service calls, & frustrated consumers.

N' Joy Healthy Machines offer the option of credit/debit card                  
payments as well as  taking  Mobile Wallet, bills and coins.   Bill Recycling makes vending more accessible for everyone. It also gives change  in bills & when you pay with larger denominations such as $20's and $10's, you'll receive change back in $5's or $1's & coins rather than getting pockets full of change.

Adjustable dual temperature zones keep drinks cold & snacks at room temperature               
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Join the crusade to start turning the tide in favor of healthy food options.  From Schools & Universities to Businesses , we are dedicated to making a difference